FLAKE: Action RPG Officially Announced

Project title: FLAKE

Genre: Action RPG

General Info: Flake’s conception came out of a few key ideas and limitations i have/had at the moment i came up with the project, roughly 6 months ago. First things first, Flake is and will be designed with low computer specs in mind. The games native resolution is 385*289 pixels tall and wide respectively. Secondly, I’ve been hankering to create a vast dungeon/rpg romp for some time now, and i believe that this project will fill that void for me. This game takes much of its inspiration, especially in the graphics department, from old tile based roguelike clones. At the moment graphics in the project are royalty free tiles and sprites from http://rltiles.sourceforge.net/, and http://pousse.rapiere.free.fr/tome/ 

All game graphics not including interface items or backgrounds, will be created low spec, and within a 32 pixel square. This will allow for more content to be created while still keeping the filesize down as much as possible.

Much of the game will be geared towards customization and replayability, a minimum of 16 playable character races, each with customizable facial avatars, and customizable (within reason) bodies, equipment that appears on the players body, with many different equipment slots, potentially differing gui’s depending on selected race, and a completely different starting town for each race.

The replayability aspect of the game will stem from an old roguelike concept, which I will expand on indefinitely: Random. Creating different dungeon levels by hand would be a tedious prospect for anyone wanting to make a game full length, which is why the random creation of dungeons has been introduced long ago, and will be present among many other random things in Flake. Unfortunately I cant give out too much information at the moment about the randomness of some of the elements as it’s importance is yet to be decided.

The overall scale of the project is huge, landscape/overworld covering miles, several towns and villages, at least 16 towns, as each race needs a different starting place, and many dungeons, with different styles, that can go down to near infinite levels with unique maps per level that you will never see more than once.

As you can already tell, the project is big, and i’m taking on all (90% or more) of the programming myself, while still open to suggestions, and I still have yet to come up with a storyline for the game even, so there’s even more work to be done.


About i4000

Video game designer, video game artist, story writer, poet, and traditional artist.
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  1. sub/unit says:

    looking very nice 🙂

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