First Weekly Gamedev Challenge: MiniFlake

Okay so i’ve recently decided while working on all the different aspects of Flake, I’d challenge myself as a game developer and programmer to create a complete new video game in under a week, and attempt to create one every week when time allows me. Of course i’m going to be lenient with my rules as i may not always have the time, but regardless, there will be much more in the way of games coming from BananaTech.

The First Weekly Challenge brings about something I call MiniFlake, which is a 1bit graphics low resolution black and white roguelike dungeon game that will utilize several of the features which will be present in Flake.

At this time there is a rudimentary lighting and visibility system in place, simple movement, and random level design and character placement. Most of this was programmed in under an hour, so progress is quite rapid thus far.

To satisfy your curious minds, here are some early test shots of the game in action:


I fully expect to have this game complete and playable within the next 7 days.

(Graphics courtesy of Denzi@


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2 Responses to First Weekly Gamedev Challenge: MiniFlake

  1. davidp says:

    well, it looks very interesting. keep it up 🙂

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