Weekly GameDev Challenge: Update

Progress on MiniFlake has been exponential. Enemies have been added with the start of a decent turnbased ai routine, multiple light sources, fireball throwing and melee attacks have been added, as well as a hud with working health mana and exp bars, 3 equipping slots, one for weapon, one for armor, and one for a spell/magic item, and an inventory that can hold nearly unlimited items.

One of the more critical, in terms of the retro style, decisions i’ve made is to emulate 8bit sound chips from classic arcade/consol machines. I’ll be emulating the C64’s Sid chip for music, and an emulated pokey for sound effects. This should all add up to a very retro feeling classic dungeon adventure.




About i4000

Video game designer, video game artist, story writer, poet, and traditional artist.
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