First Alpha Released: MiniFlake!!

Finally after 7 days I’ve come to a point where I believe I can share the product i’ve been working on. Miniflake is still very far from being complete, however, I have met the goal as best i could by producing a game that is entirely playable, filled with the majority of the things i’ve planned. Which is why i’ve labeled it an alpha release, as i plan to continue work on MiniFlake based on the feedback i receive and the left over plans.

Here are some of the things you will see playing the MiniFlake alpha:

Infinite random dungeon levels

Approximately 30 enemy types

Mostly functional upgradable inventory

Complete level minimap

Npc chat system

Sprite based text system

Commodore 64 8bit chiptunes

Emulated pokey 8bit chipset sounds (in menu)

Character customization screen

Character stats including strength, defense, magic, ranged combat, missile magic, and melee combat

Stats distribution points

Custom name and avatar

Test village and Npc’s

Intro logo/copyright screen

Primitive temporary game save/loading with F5/F6

Screen resizing with reduced pixel blur

Emulated classic gameboy color scheme





Please, try it out, leave comments on what you think so far. Give me some ideas and feedback to make this game as great as it can be!

Download: HERE


Subscribe and leave feedback! 🙂


About i4000

Video game designer, video game artist, story writer, poet, and traditional artist.
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2 Responses to First Alpha Released: MiniFlake!!

  1. Jim16 says:

    Wow, this game looks good! I’ve played with the Gameboy 4 colour pallet myself with good results. Well done. This is awesome!

    • i4000 says:

      Thanks a bunch for the comment, i’ve decided to enter the game into an Indie gamedev competition, keep your eyes peeled for this news in the near future!

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