MiniFlake Update On The Way!

No the project isn’t dead, I’ve been hard at work on the latest update! Playing the new update when it gets released, you’ll notice that the combat is much more natural feeling now and you will no longer get killed instantly by a rat who sneaks up behind you. Another thing being added is battle text, which will let you know how much damage you do, or if you miss your target, and tell you the same about enemies trying to attack you so you no longer have to wonder why the assholes takes so long to kill! lol And a new feature i just added tonight is the day/night system. This system actually takes into account the time on your computer and translates it into the game world, so when you play at night, its night in the game, or during the day, its daylight in the game. Its pretty nifty! 

One of the major additions to the game is the saving and loading system. Unfortunately this will not be fully ready by the next release, but you at least get to see how it’s going to work. The game will automatically choose the next available save slot for you newly created character, and when you go to the load menu you will see a selection of slots showing your character pics, name, level, and gold, as well as their current health and mana at the time of the save. The entire dungeon progression system had to be rewritten from the ground up, as the current method was flawed since gm doesnt save data structures or rooms created during the game, which means a new dungeon system since that wont work, also means that i have to write a manual game save system that will save all of the major character stats, position, enemy position and health, item types and positions, and all of these important things, which need to be saved to a file then loaded in manually yet again. This is a daunting task, however, it will be done, just not in time for the next release.

Here’s a sneak peek at a new togglable effect you’ll see in future releases of MiniFlake:



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