HYPERION: the new IT

Hyperion can best be summed up by combining the following things together: John Carpenter’s The Thing, Dead Space, Doom 3, Arkham Asylum, Mirrors Edge, Borderlands, and Contra. However the main draw of Hyperion is the visual aspect, even though it features effects like dynamic lighting with realtime soft shadows and other various shader related effects, it does so while remaining at a low resolution of 256*144 with a color limit of 7 shades, giving the appearance of a gritty, scary gameboy-ish game. But enough words, it’s hard to describe this game, so I’m just gonna show you that it works by giving you some old screenshots before I upload a playable tech demo:


Well that’s it for now, keep your eyes open for the tech demo in the next update!!


About i4000

Video game designer, video game artist, story writer, poet, and traditional artist.
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1 Response to HYPERION: the new IT

  1. Joel says:

    Looking awesome!! I get ~80 FPS on my 4 year old laptop. Windows XP, 1.8Ghz dual core, 128MB nvidia go 7600.

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