miniFlake: ALPHA UPDATE 5 Featuring Music by minusBaby


Desura Digital Distribution

We’ve got an enormous update this week fellas and lassies! Everything from visual quality, to music, to bug squashes!


Let’s take a look at what’s changed in Alpha 5:

  • Fixed error causing controls menu screen to render improperly
  • Renamed Keys to Make it More Easy to Differentiate Their Uses
  • Improved Player Movement Speed
  • Added Delta Time Equation for Game Slowdowns
  • Visual Quality of the game has been drastically improved
  • 3d interface has been implemented
  • Upgraded dev software for further development and game support improvement
  • Added a toggleable Sprite backer that draws a solid black or white block beneath monsters, npc’s, and items to increase readability that can be adjusted using the ini
  • Added proper battle damage calculation that takes into affect player’s equipped weaponry and statistics
  • Improved enemy movement
  • Background music added, provided by the incredibly talented minusbaby!
  • Added toggleable Perspective effect that can be adjusted using the ini

miniFlake on Desura

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The future of I-Game-Art and Gaming in general

I’d like to announce today that I-Game-Art will be attempting to pave the way for virtual reality in gaming by supporting and developing for the Oculus Rift head mounted display.

For those of you who are unaware of what the Oculus Rift is (hard to believe anyone can be out of the loop with all the press flying about), I’ll first describe it as the first of it’s kind, lightweight, fully immersive virtual reality headset designed specifically for video gaming. What sets the Rift apart from the current hmd’s on the market today are a few things, from the diagonal viewing angle so immense that it covers your entire field of view, ultra low latency motion tracking, and that the retail version will cost up to $500. What this means for gaming enthusiasts is that as soon as you put on the headset and boot up your game, it feels like you are transported to a new world, like booting up into the matrix without all that crazy brain surgery. 

So with the advent of a whole new way to experience 3d video gaming, you can bet you’ll be seeing I-Game-Art on the frontlines along with Id Software, Epic Games, Valve, and more!

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MiniFlake Alpha Released, Accepting Preorders




Desura Digital Distribution

miniFlake is now live!
Tell your friends, your roommates, your family, and your enemies.
Alpha Funding is open! Pay $5.99, and get free updates from now until the game is finished!:D

Doors Mapped! Equipment final

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MiniFlake Update: Lighting and hud

So work is moving along on the remake of MiniFlake, randomized dungeons are reimplemented, character generation is finished, the barebones are in place for the lighting system. item and npc tiles are flowing in in droves now that i’ve got some help. Here’s a shot of the dungeons and lighting effects!


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MiniFlake Progress

Hey guys, work is moving swimmingly on the reboot of miniFlake. To tease your senses here’s a screenshot i pulled from the game, being played in google chrome:


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MiniFlake Revisited

Hello All. I bring good news, MiniFlake, who’s progress was lost several moons ago is being brought back to life, and will be targetting ios, android, pc, mac, and browser platforms! The graphics are being improved, taking from what i’ve saved in the screenshots in previous posts on this blog, and improved to a state that i consider much smoother. Keep your eyes peeled for new screenshots and progress updates.

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That old engine of mine…

Some of you may have seen a project I was working on in the past, based on some open source code I found a few years back. This project was Wolfenstein Pre-D :

The reason i bring up this project is that for the past 3 years this engine has been tweaked, expanded, optimized and nearly perfected. Figured since this is a baby of mine, off and on at least, I’d post some updates on the project here to let you all know where I’m at with it at the moment.

So let’s start off with a list of the things I’ve improved since the world last heard of Wolfenstein Pre-D:
Improved speed of the raycasting renderer exponentially, the game is now super smooth with high quality rendering
Improved the actual rendering of the walls, much smoother and prettier
Expanded the weapons system
Added support for projectile based weapons
Walls can now be animated
Fully implemented expansive switch system, switches toggled can perform almost any action imaginable
Added sliding doors, fully lockable
Expanded enemy animation system

And now for the screenies!!

So that’s where i’m at, since i did lose some progress a while back. I’m still working on this lil puppy off and on, and you can expect to see some games of mine utilizing this engine online in the future 🙂

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