My name is Chris Legasse, alias Indecom4000, and I’ve been programming with Game Maker for several years now. I’ve managed to do many things with it that people hadn’t really thought possible, and I strive for that with every project that I do.

Some of my programming credits go to:

Software based 3D engine with textures, lighting, fog, and multiple rooms over rooms in 2001

2D Hair physics, styling, shading, and rendering

Hang On To Your Ghoulies, a Halloween platform adventure with smooth motion blur sprite animations

Plasma fluid/meta ball particle simlulation

2D Blob physics simulation similar to Gish or Loco Roco

Interesting 2D blood splatter system with drip and smear, with no decal fading

Procedural animation of 2D Gordon Freeman character using various trig functions

Simulated normal mapped lighting system without shaders

Simulated bumped glass distortion without shaders

Polygon and back buffer based realistic flame simulation

Myst like engine, with prerendered skyboxes with animated warping water and lighting effects as well as a moving animated sky

Advanced all purpose level editor for Game Maker

Doom Remix fan game, in top down style like Diablo, one enemy type, nearly all weapons functional

Full 2d polygonal modeling program with plugins feature

Voxel based terrain renderer

Several lighting systems, including Diablo 1 styled lighting made back in 2004

As you can see, i’ve been busy over the past few years working on several odds and ends things, some very cool things. However, its time to take what I’ve learned during the process and put it all together into a full unique gaming experience. And I hope you all enjoy the outcome!


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